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Regular & Party Wear Jewelry Pieces In Gold, Diamond, Silver & More.

About Us

Whether to make investment big or small totally depends on the pocket of the investor but the answer to the type of investment, an investor can make, is what we have at Al Haq Jewellers. As it's in our name, we are Jeweller of majorly Gold and Silver ornaments. Our collection of ornaments is designed majorly for smart women who give emphasis to investing in the best, not singularly in monetary terms but also in terms of style and design. The line of gold, silver, diamond, pearl and other materials of jewelry that we as a manufacturer and wholesaler bring forth amongst masses includes Gold Flower Finger Ring, Ladies Gold Pearl Stud Earrings, Wedding Wear Gold Kada, Gold Earrings Pendant Set, to name some. Our collection encompasses the best pieces for regular and party wear. We also have a special line of wedding jewelry pieces for women. From delicate, sober, elegant, fine to loud pieces of jewelry, we have it all to satisfy different taste of modern women.

Designer Pieces of Jewelry For Modern Women

The taste of every women, especially in terms of jewelry is not same. Every woman has her own taste and desires, to meet which, we at Al Haq Jewellers, design different pieces. Our collection is dominated by women's jewelry. Classic, sober, stylish and traditional, our range contains all best pieces of jewelry. From kada to necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet and ring, we have for modern women, designer pieces that speak for the charm of wearers along with enhancing their beauty.

Perfection In Craftsmanship

There's nothing beatable to quality in designing work of jewelry at our company because we have proficient craftsmen performing the work of designing. Our team of craftsmen is skilled at designing gold to diamond neck pieces, rings and other ornaments. With advanced tools and by applying smart process, they make a beautiful collection to impress modern women.

What's Different About Our Company?
  • Our Collection: Our Finger Rings, Ladies Earrings and other ornaments are different in appeal, style and other terms.
  • Our Way of Dealing: Our dealings are all ethical and transparent so that customers can associate with us for the better.
  • Our Idea of Promoting Products: Our products are promoted in a modern way, following industrial rules and regulations, where we boast about true features of our products.
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